No Substance to the Teaching – Babysitting, Bullying, Over Crowding the Classrooms

We are fed up with the lame excuse for education that the schools are offering more and more now. Even

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Homeschooling Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders / Conditions

The parents of these children are the best teachers to lead their children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, or Conditions. The

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Free Kids Fishing Clinic in Cape Canaveral, June 25th

Teaching children a lifelong hobby, instilling appreciation for our marine environment and providing a fun family outing are the objectives

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What Do I Do To Get Started Homeschooling? Is It Difficult?

Nooooo! Homeschooling is NOT difficult. We are hard on ourselves as teaching parents. Yes, we always feel like we can

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Summer Marine Science Camp Offered at Historic Pigeon Key

MARATHON, Florida Keys — The tiny island of Pigeon Key, a unique historic site beneath the Florida Keys’ Old Seven

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