Annual Evaluations in Florida Schools

Should teachers be evaluated by the test scores of their students? Should teachers’ pay, raises, and/or bonuses be determined by

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How To Choose A Good School In Florida

Finding the best school in your county in Florida for your children is very important and really very easy even

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Why Not To Homeschool In Florida

Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular all over the U.S.A., and especially in Florida. Why? The socialization that is

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Has the Hunger Games Increased Your Child’s Interest in Archery?

According to NBC, and the Archery Trade Association, interest in archery as a sport has increased, primarily among pre-teen girls. Is this

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Educación en el Hogar en Florida

La educación en casa es mucho mejor que enviar a su hijo a la escuela, incluso las escuelas privadas. En

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