Group Standardized Testing in Miami, FL

GROUP STANDARDIZED TESTING for all ages in Miami, FL – Friday, March 21, 2014 Testing fee of $50 includes: test,

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What the County Office Won’t Tell You About Homeschool Portfolio Evaluations

Homeschool portfolio evaluations are an easy way to fulfill FL State requirements As homeschooling parents, it’s our job to make

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Homeschool Achieves Far Above Schools – I Long To Help Homeschool Families & Myself w/ Spelling – Thank You All – haleluYaH

I thank you all sooo much for your feedback, even your correcting me on my spelling in these posts and

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Homeschool Family’s Stress Level Crashes Due to Clueless Evaluator / Teacher

I was shocked over the reality I heard today about a family asking for a simple Annual Educational Evaluation –

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Annual Educational Evaluation Letter & Standardized Testing – Which One?

There seems to be questions about how to send your annual educational evaluation letter, or form, to the county home

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